Types of leather

Getting to know our leather types

Leather can vary from product to product according to its feel, texture and tanning, but what doesn’t differ is the practice of craftsmanship in Tuscany, Italy. Have a read of each of our varieties of high-quality Italian leather.

What distinguishes our Nappa leather?

Our Venetian Nappa leather is known for its smooth surface, premium colours and high-quality finish. Traditionally used for gloves, Nappa leather has both a velvety soft texture that’s durable and pliable for crafting – giving every object a true premium quality that’s sleek and timeless.

What is Smooth Nappa leather?

Smooth Venetian Nappa is leather that’s well-known for its even surface and shine. It’s primarily used to craft shoes and wallets because of its smooth texture that’s additionally super robust and highly resistant to the normal day-to-day wearing away over time.

What is Vacchetta leather?

Hand-tanned in Tuscany, our Vacchetta leather is treated with natural vegetable tanning agents which preserve its soft surface without losing its natural properties. It’s also because our Vacchetta leather is vegetable-tanned that it has its own unique patina which gradually develops its character over time as a testimony of your travels.

Vegan Hi-Core

Which products are made with vegan Hi-Core materials?

Since 2018, we have been producing our smaller Gion backpack with an animal-friendly vegan Hi-Core shell. Normally used for premium sports equipment, vegan Hi-Core makes the backpack a light and durable companion, always ready for what comes next.