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Luggage for the next frontier

Our mission is to enable curious minds to go further, with next-generation luggage and smart travel equipment. Pushing boundaries is part of our DNA: we were the world's first brand to integrate a removable charging function with optional GPS tracking in a suitcase; we were the first to offer luggage with its own Personal Travel Assistant service. Horizn Studios has been shaping the future of travel since day one. Committed to going further, we’ve set our sights on the next great frontier: space.

Horizn ONE

The world's first luggage for space travel

We are entering an era of private and commercial space travel. Which materials and technologies will shape the future of luggage? What does smart luggage need to function in zero gravity? How can we make an interplanetary journey seamless? We teamed up with Alyssa Carson, the world’s youngest astronaut-in-training, for a design study into luggage for commercial space travel.

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Limited NASA Edition – M5 Cabin Luggage

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, we created a very special, highly limited NASA Edition cabin luggage with Alyssa Carson. One will be auctioned for charity at the official US Space and Rocket Centre’s 50th Anniversary Ceremony, with all proceeds going towards the Space Camp Foundation to help underprivileged children with scholarships.

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