Our Quality Promise

Going the extra mile for truly sustainable choices

With each of our travel staples we take travel towards a greener future. We’re disruptors at heart: we not only apply the highest standards of German engineering and rigorous testing methods but work with the most creative developers and manufacturers around the world. Driven by our claim Let’s Go. Further. we keep pushing boundaries every step of the way.

Our Materials

Masterminding change

Fabric innovation is a true passion of ours. We go beyond carefully considering the quality of our materials, and only rely on those bringing us closer to a world driven by circularity. That’s our way of ensuring that your travel companions look sleek, stand the test of time, and are made responsibly at the same time.

Up to 97% recycled aerospace-grade polycarbonate

For both durability and sustainability, the hard shells of our M5, H5, H6 and H7 perfectly blend virgin and recycled polycarbonate, which we solely source in a strict closed-loop system and thereby eliminate waste. With the RE Series, we upped the hard shell’s recycled share to an astonishing 97% – and a new benchmark of sustainable luggage – without compromising its performance.

Recycled lightweight nylon

Our lightweight and incredibly long-lasting recycled nylon of select lines has a soft-touch and is water-resistant. It’s made from post-consumer waste.

Waterproof tarpaulin

Tarpaulin is a heavy-duty flexible composite textile made from synthetic yarns that are thermo-laminated. We’re currently testing stage a new sustainable alternative: 100% recycled, its production will save up to 60% of wastewater and 60% of greenhouse gas emissions. For its durability, and our Gion range’s eminent quality in particular, we will know no compromises.

Recycled cotton canvas

The recycled cotton threads are coated synthetically, then tightly woven into a heavy-duty, water-resistant canvas. The finish offers an extra layer of protection and develops a unique patina over time as a testament to your travels.

Vegan Hi-Core

Often used in high-end sportswear, our signature fabric is waterproof, UV-resistant, incredibly durable, and 100% animal-friendly. It is more flexible and softer to the touch than tarpaulin, but will still withstand even the harshest of conditions. The water and any other additives used in the manufacturing process are continuously recycled in a closed loop.

100% organic FairTrade Cotton

We are dedicated to sustainable and ethical fashion production, so our cotton is 100% organic and FairTrade approved. Our Travel Hoodie is crafted using an innovative new textile made from natural fibres of jade and coffee charcoal. The result is a dye-free garment, made in Europe, that dries quickly and controls moisture, ensuring you stay comfortable as you travel from one climate to the next.

Recycled water resistant lining

A high-density, water-resistant, and 100% recycled lining that minimises the risk of leaks and spills soaking through. We don’t advise you to wash this fabric in a washing machine as this would remove its waterproof coating.

Premium recycled mesh

Our backpacks and luggage feature high-performance, fully recycled polyester mesh screens to seal off the main inner compartments and to keep your contents organised and secured without pressing them down.

Ballistic nylon

Our water-resistant ballistic nylon was engineered by a global team of material scientists. It’s the kind of material that is used to make flak jackets and bulletproof vests. Therefore waterproof when paired with our hydrophobic lining, its high-denier and tight weave ensure ultimate durability and abrasion-resistance. This means your Kōenji products will protect your belongings no matter what you throw at it.

Circle One

Circle One moves luggage towards 100% renewable materials. Made in Europe, it will feature a fully plant-based hard shell innovation, BioX, with flax as its main ingredient – an incredibly resilient natural fibre, that will make the Circle One lighter than aluminium, longer-lasting than polycarbonate, and greener than any of its competitors. The innovation will be complete with seed and nutshell-infused handles and a magnesium telescope.