A Suitcase Can’t Change The World?


The RE Series reimagines travel as we know it. Turning radical imagination into reality, its hard shell made from 97% recycled high-end polycarbonate. It’s the highest share of recycled premium polycarbonate in luggage ever, achieved in partnership with the meticulous prowess of our Japanese material scientists.

Raising The Bar

Change The World For The Better

For true progress, we need to reimagine everything. To embrace challenges and push boundaries. To always go further. With its 97% recycled hard shell, which saves 72% of carbon emissions, and its 100% recycled interior, this product revolution transforms post-consumer waste into lifelong travel pieces, leading us into a more responsible future of travel.

Everything Recycled. Even The Ads.

Imagine millions of advertising files that once shaped popular culture, stored away forever. We have repurposed a small selection, breathing new life into such pre-existing material. The result? A fully recycled campaign, down to every single ad.