The Lagos Edition

Emeka Ogboh x Horizn Studios

For those who often find themselves on the road less travelled, sound and installation artist Emeka Ogboh (Tate Modern, Brooklyn Museum, Venice Biennale) created a limited edition series of luggage and travel essentials inspired by Lagos and its yellow danfo bus.

The danfo bus is to Lagos as the double-decker is to London, only rowdier, rougher and racier. It’s a bright yellow microcosm of Lagos city life: a roaming town square where your business is everybody’s business.

Let’s Go. Lagos.

To Carry

Lagos Edition H5

Our iconic H5 cabin case, inspired by Lagos’ iconic people mover. This time, it’s danfo-yellow on black, with a special Lagos connection inscribed on the luggage tag.

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To Wear


Berlin streetwear with Nigerian DNA. The Emeka Ogboh X Horizn Studios t-shirt collection: four designs inspired by Lagos, the African megacity.

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To Listen


Immerse yourself in Ogboh’s world with his curated playlist. It’s the soundtrack to life in Lagos.

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To Remember


Stickers, much like diamonds, are forever. Slap them on your luggage and take a piece of Lagos with you wherever you go.

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To Read

Profile: Emeka Ogboh

Born in Nigeria and based in Berlin, Emeka Ogboh creates soundscapes and audio installations using field recordings from Lagos city life, in particular, from riding the danfo. Find out what Emeka Ogboh, creator of the Lagos Edition, has to say about finding Nigerian food in Berlin, how he started working with soundscapes and the second-to-none experience that is riding the danfo.

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