A guide to countries without Covid restrictions

How to travel safely during the Covid-19 pandemic

If you are longing to travel again, you’re certainly not alone. With restrictions easing up only slowly, it can be difficult to imagine the summer holiday of our dreams resuming anytime soon. However, with new systems and mindsets in place to protect one another, we see the gentle resumption of travel that is more safe and purposeful than ever. And while much of the unfolding situation remains unclear, one thing is certain: not only will we travel again in the future, we will do it better than we ever have.

When can we travel abroad again?

The poet William Langland said, ‘patience is a virtue’, however as it was the year 1360, he was probably referring to waiting for a written letter by mail and not over a year of modern life being turned upside down. As we continue to wait for the situation to lessen, the pandemic has made us rethink how and why we travel, especially those who so eagerly hauled our passports across the globe in the past.

Countries with access to healthcare and fast-acting vaccination programs are seeing glimpses of a near-future where their societies can reopen, but there are still limits on where you can stay, with who, and for how long. It is true that open borders, open destinations, and visa-free travel certainly won’t resume for many months to come, and those considering should check local government restrictions, rules, and safety measures, along with personal health conditions, into consideration before embarking. Yet the short and hopeful answer is soon, dear traveller, soon.

Countries that are almost Covid-free

Thanks to a combination of early and effective border control, contact tracing, testing, and effective leadership, there are countries where the risk of contracting COVID-19 is very low. These include Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and South Korea. Over in Europe, despite savage third waves and challenges faced by the EU, countries faring well in the face of the virus include Portugal, Iceland, Norway, and Georgia. This is of course subject to change, as travel conditions and health measures are continuously updated.

Covid in Tenerife

The Canary Islands remain as one of Spain’s most popular archipelagos to visit, with the allure of Tenerife’s extraordinary beaches and volcanic terrain on offer. Tenerife has had its share of COVID too, although right now, there are no restrictions for arriving international visitors beyond providing a test certificate that shows a negative Coronavirus status. For more information about this, you can visit the Canary Islands Tourism page here.

Covid in the Maldives

With its many white-sand beaches dotted with infinite palm trees, the stunning Maldives present one of the most enticing island experiences on earth. Given our collective experience of the hardships of the pandemic, it is no wonder we are all itching for a beach holiday – and happily, the Maldives has its borders open to certain tourists with a negative PCR test. The latest updates are here.

Covid in Dubai

Dubai’s futuristic glamour and awe-inspiring architecture set amidst endless desert surroundings afford it to be one of the most culturally dynamic and innovative places on earth. If you are looking to travel to Dubai, citizens from certain countries can enter with valid health insurance and a negative Covid test.

What to pack