How To Travel Just With Cabin Luggage

Minimalism is certainly trending, with more and more people (and brands) drifting away from gaudy extravagance and opting for a more subtle approach. We certainly are minimalists at heart, as reflected in our understated approach to branding. Hell, there’s even a documentary on Netflix that proposes converting to a minimalist lifestyle (if you haven’t tuned in yet, we can highly recommend doing so). When it comes to travel, it may be tempting to head off to a far-flung destination with an enormous check-in bag stuffed with just about everything you might need, but there’s something about perfectly packed cabin luggage that can be incredibly satisfying. Not to mention the knowledge that you’ll be able to jump off the plane and skip the crowded luggage carousel. Though it may seem like a daunting task, we’ve gathered a few tips to help you travel with nothing more than your cabin luggage.

Pack light

Okay, so this might sound like we’re stating the obvious, but choosing items that are light-density and roll well are perfect to pack. Keeping it simple is key – as is knowing what is available at your destination. You probably don’t need more than one pair of shoes, and you definitely don’t need five pairs of jeans. Pack items that are comfortable yet versatile enough to wear to dinner.

Ditch the weight

That 1-litre bottle of shampoo? The 15th edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica? Swap them out for lighter counterparts. Your wash bag should be filled with miniatures of your favourite items (we love Muji’s refillable bottles) and if you’re an avid reader, invest in a tablet device to kick off your library of e-books that easily fits in the front pocket of your Cabin Model M.


If you’re still struggling to squeeze everything into your cabin luggage, then it might be worth adding a smaller accessory for those little extras that you need easy access to. Our Tote is spacious and fits perfectly on top of both our Cabin Models. If you only need a few smaller essentials, then check out our new Top Case, designed as the perfect complement to your luggage.

Cabin luggage essentials