Going Further With Joseph Denison Carey

The London-based chef shares his recipe for success

Chef and East London native Joseph Denison Carey reminds us that cooking can be a way of enjoying the present and connecting with the people we love. For him, the dining table is where all the laughing, joking, and sharing of stories happens. Gathering for food also shows him how much he needs it, and how, rather than a luxury, it should really be a necessity. Joseph is the co-founder of the Bread & Butter Supper Club, a dining experience dedicated to convivial and seasonal cooking. Meet the energetic chef as he chats about his life in food, from attending cooking school in Italy to working with Michelin-starred chefs in London.

Three Questions with Joseph

Q: The first meal you ever learned to cook?

A: Spag Bol! It’s the ultimate comfort food – and still one of my favourites.

Q: The most challenging experience you had?

A: Living in Italy to attend culinary school without speaking any Italian wasn’t easy for sure.

Q: A rather unexpected career move?

A: Becoming a chef on TV. I’ve been cooking on ITV’s This Morning recently.

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Thank you, Joseph, for sharing your story with us. You can follow Joseph’s epicurean journey here.

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