Love is a Journey

Of shared memories, gestures, and more

Love's a journey, and it comes in all forms. We asked couples around the world how they love. About how love carries them through life. About their romantic gestures, shared memories, and mutual appreciation. Meet Deidre and Paula, the newly-married couple that’s always up for an adventure. And Glynis and Rodrigo, the German-Brazilian couple whose relationship forever changed after a trip to Panama.

Paula and Deidre

When Deidre and Paula matched on an LGBTQ dating app in 2021, Deidre was immediately drawn to Paula’s direct and open nature. The two met for a picnic on Berlin’s Tempelhofer Feld a few days later. Lockdown was still in full swing, and, for some of them, social anxiety felt real. It was cold outside, but they connected, and agreed to meet again soon. It was Paula’s housewarming gift, a monstera clipping and alcohol-free prosecco, that ultimately won Deidre’s heart. Almost two years later, the couple married in Copenhagen, wearing matching white suits and sneakers. Learn more about the gestures that perfect(ed) their love story.

Glynis and Rodrigo

When asked about their first date, Glynis and Rodrigo admit that a date never really happened. Laying eyes on each other while surfing Nicaragua’s Pacific waves, and bumping into one another days later at a friend’s birthday party, their connection was instant, and didn’t require much of a formal arrangement. Four and a half years later, their love story continues on their shared farm, and with raising their young daughter, Nalu. Tune in for the travels that made their journey special, and how they keep growing together.

But what is love, really?

We asked both couples what love really means to them.

Text & Videos by Ann Christin Schubert