My Music My Journey with Luciano

Meet the effervescent DJ, producer, and philanthropist

For My Music My Journey, Berlin-based Colombian DJ and producer Dani Ramos interviews some of the greatest minds in electronic dance music about their artist paths.

Throughout his expansive career, DJ, producer, and label owner Luciano always pushed himself to new heights. He is both a single-minded artist completely devoted to electronic music, and a performer whose charisma is an intrinsic part of his global appeal. Born in Switzerland and raised in Santiago de Chile, he knows his way around even the smallest smoke-filled club in his hometown, where he found his feet in the early 90s. He’s remained true to his passion ever since. Refining his craft in some of Europe’s most renowned underground venues and at the biggest dance festivals the world over, he also committed himself to social causes. His charity One Coin For Life has built schools for indigenous communities in Colombia and orphanages in Kenya.

Three Questions With Luciano

Did you always want to become a musician?
Yes! I knew what I wanted to do out of my life since I was 14 – and never ever questioned it.

What do you love about your job?
Meeting people and learning that we’re all quite similar. I love this idea of unity.

What would we be surprised to find in your purse?

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Thanks, Luciano, for sharing your story with us. You can follow more of his journey here. Stay tuned for more inspiring stories of globally renowned voices, coming to your screens soon.

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