Mathew Jonson on his musical journey

Meet the one of a kind DJ, producer, and music educator

For My Music My Journey, Berlin-based Colombian DJ and producer Dani Ramos interviews some of the greatest minds in electronic dance music about their artist paths.

Mathew Jonson’s sounds have serious teeth. One of the most distinctive voices in electronic dance, the Canadian DJ, producer, and educator offers a rare fusion of populist intensities and nuanced musicality. With a keen understanding of the universal laws of house and techno, he's thrown out the rule book time and time again, sneaking tricks learned from electro and even drum'n'bass into global clubs. Watch him and Dani chat about his career, love of teaching, and living in line with values.

Three Questions with Mathew

Your musical journey in three words?
Never stop learning!

Your next travel destination?
Japan, the Valley, or Portugal – somewhere in nature, that’s for sure.

A conscious choice you’ve recently made?
I’m vegan now.

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Thanks to Mathew for taking part in My Music My Journey and sharing his story with us. You can follow more of his journey here. Stay tuned for more inspiring stories of globally renowned voices, coming to your screens soon.

Mathew’s favourite travel companions