Food Matters With Shit Mendy Cooks

Meet the beloved Thai chef, DJ, and food ambassador

Satika Rapimsamrong, also known as Shit Mendy Cooks, is on a mission to share Thai food culture with the world. Currently on a hiatus from her globally successful DJ career – her DJ name is Mendy Indigo – she is now based on Koh Pha Ngan, and appreciates a slower pace of life and access to fresh produce year-round. As a Cookly Ambassador, Satika also loves to travel the world for food and joins cooking classes the world over to learn about other cultures, too. Why Shit, you may wonder? Let Satika tell you all about it.

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Three Questions With Mendy

Q: Your culinary journey in three words?
A: Cooking Every Day

Q: Your favourite travel destinations for food?
A: Japan, Italy, Lebanon

Q: Could you share your popular stir-fried organic chicken recipe with us?

“This is a family recipe. It features local organic chicken, which is crunchy, chewy, and juicy. Unlike the normal chicken, the meat is soft and light and has less flavour. This dish is full of Thai herbs, almost every herb I could think of. There is holy basil, turmeric, galangal, and many more. Enjoy!”


500g organic chicken
10 cloves garlic
3 sticks of lemongrass
2 tbsp chopped galangal
5 kaffir lime leaves
2 tbsp sliced turmeric
3 tbsp finger roots
20-30 dried chillies (depends on the spice level you can handle)
1 cup dill
A lot of holy basil leaves
1 cup water
2 tbsp oyster sauce
2 tbsp fish sauce
½ tsp sugar
2 tbsp Stir-frying oil


Slice the Lemongrass, galangal, turmeric, and finger roots into small pieces. Set aside. Chop dill into 1.5” long, lengthwise. In a mortar, pound garlic, chillies and all the herbs from number one into a rough paste. Set a pan over medium heat and add cooking oil. When the oil is hot, add the herb paste and stir-fry until fragrance. Add the chicken and stir for a few minutes before seasoning with oyster sauce, fish sauce, and ½ tsp sugar. Then add water. Let the chicken simmer until it softens down and 2/3 of the water has evaporated. Add basil leaves and dill. Turn off the heat and serve with steamed Jasmine rice.

Thanks, Satika, for sharing your story with us. To learn more about her journey and see what she is cooking, follow her on Instagram.

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