Best Travel Gadgets

Little luxuries that go a long way

Getting anywhere these days usually involves being strapped to a seat for at least a few hours, but that’s not to say that there aren’t little pick-me-ups that can make the journey that much nicer. We’ve rounded up a selection of our top travel companions to pack with the next time you’re flying – so your trip always gets that much-needed boost.


espressos always on hand

Love having coffee whenever you need it? Get yourself the NanoPresso’s element portable espresso machine – complete with its own case – and you’ll never be without the good stuff again. Kick back, relax and become your very own barista on the road.

The Gin & Tonic kit from W&P Design

Be your own barman

If you like your G&Ts deconstructed and always on hand, there’s nothing more practical than your very own DIY Cocktail set. Add some class to your in-flight drinking and envy to your neighbour’s glass. And if you choose to use it outside of the airplane, we won’t tell.

Compressed Towel Tablets from Prospector Co

towel on hand

Frequent flying often means frequent quick fixes. And this travel accessory is as swift as they come: Instant Warm Towels compressed into tablets. Just add water to get a cotton fibre towel the size of a dish towel, ready to use on the go, whenever you like. Comes in a jar of six.

Baby Cashmere Plane Eyeshade by Loro Piana

the best sleep on the flight

Nothing says understated luxury like cashmere and the ultimate statement is an eyeshade made of it, lined in linen and edged in suede. Available in three colours, these will make even a nap in coach feel like you’re flying first class.

Be Quiet! Reusable earplugs from HAY

Channel your zen

Just because your in-flight neighbour loves his music doesn’t mean that you have to – especially if you’re looking to catch some Z’s. These polyurethane earplugs in marble design will keep your ears safe and your peace near.

Targa Sunglasses from Mykita

Get some shade

Made in Berlin, these exceptionally light but durable sunglasses are designed with a patented screwless hinge system and gunmetal flash lenses – and they’re not bad on the eyes either. Part of the Mykita Mylon collection, these will pick up your style quotient without weighing you down.

Aesop ‘London’ Travel Kit

Fresh on the go

Sitting tight at 32,000 feet in the air for several hours might not be the most refreshing feeling in the world. That’s why we’re loving the London travel kit from Aesop. Their handpicked body and hair care products are packed in a microfibre case to keep you feeling fresh, no matter where you are in the world.

Flint portable Lint Roller

A new way to roll

Your Italian-made suit might be crease-free, but we’re sure it isn’t dust-proof. The Flint portable lint roller will keep it looking dry-cleaned on your travels and good as new. Retractable and refillable, it’s small enough to fit in your pocket and doesn’t take an entourage to carry.

S'well Water Bottle

stay hydrated

Old school charm for a new-age environmentalist, this handy bottle made of BPA-free stainless steel will help you do your bit towards sustainability, keep you hydrated, and of course, looking suave at the same time.

Leica X Camera

take a shot

Sometimes retro is the new tech. The Leica X Camera is definitely no exception. A true aesthetic pastime, this handcrafted camera has all the fruits of analogue in its design, and all the speed of modern in its features.