How To Get Through Airport Security Faster

Five tips on how to speed up the airport process

Unlike sunny Tulum or urban Berlin, airport security isn’t exactly on the top of our list for dream destinations. For the frequent fliers, the fast weekend getaway grinds to a halt. And for the long-haul travellers, the adventurous destination ahead becomes overshadowed by the length of the journey, rather than the excitement. To help you enjoy your trip, and get through security as fast as possible, here are five tips on what to do the next time you’re collecting air miles.

1. Be Savvy

Less flights mean less crowded airports. Fly between 10am and 4pm so you can breeze through security, and have more time to relax in the airport bar while you wait.

2. Make life easier

Have your documents at the ready. We’ve all been the one to frantically search for our passport in a panic. Best solution? Stay ahead of the game and keep your passport, airline ticket, and extra travel cards all in one place: get yourself a trusty travel wallet.

3. Make light of the situation

Cabin luggage isn’t what it used to be. Nowadays, you can have a case that has all the space to store your essentials and laptop, and still charge your device while you’re at it. So if you don’t have luggage to check in, you can shave serious minutes off the airport process, and instead, fast-track yourself to testing out the goods at Duty-Free.

4. Embrace the top case

When we hear the word Top Case, we breathe a sigh of relief. No, really – all the bits we try to find in time for airport security (like keys, loose change, passport, wallet) are in one place and easily accessible. We’ve all been there: racing through security, peeling off our jackets whilst wildly emptying pockets to put everything on one tray. Well, keep your belongings in the case, place it on the tray and roll on through. You’re welcome.

What to pack