How to make your flight comfortable

For the serious jet-setters: four tips ON MAKING YOUR SEATS AS HIGH CLASS AS CAN BE

As much as we love frequent flying, dry cabin air and confined space can sometimes take their toll – if you don’t know all the tricks to make it better. We’ve rounded up a few of our best tips on how to upgrade the quality of your flight, even if you’re sitting in coach.


Whether you’re choosing a cheaper flight or opting to spend a bit more, being able to choose your seat pays off. Get prepared and book your seat online beforehand. If you know you’re a bathroom regular, choose an aisle seat or if you’re a cloud-spotting enthusiast, opt for the window further away. And if you’re extra savvy, look out for a Boeing 767 aircraft when you travel which have far fewer of the dreaded middle seat.


And have a walk around. It’s no secret that flying tends to be a dry climate – not to mention sedentary. So avoid jet lag: drink up, take a stroll, move around, and you’ll be staying refreshed for the entire journey.


A quick brushing of teeth or changing into fresh underwear is the unsung hero of travelling – one that should never be underestimated. Combine both, and you’ll be feeling like a new person.


Flying in 2018 without a portable phone charger is almost like having a smartphone without a camera – inconvenient and unnecessarily making your day-to-day life harder. Travel with one and it’s a total game changer, fast-tracking you to zen. Instead, there’s no chance of your device dying, leaving you without your boarding pass, in-flight playlist or beloved podcast telling you how to sleep on a plane.

Upgrade your flight

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