How To Save Money Travelling Abroad

Three ways to avoid unnecessary costs

Aside from wanderlust-exploring, learning the ropes is just as essential a travel pastime when you’re abroad. When you save on unnecessary travel costs you'll soon be roaming around like a local, whilst keeping your travel wallet in good shape.

1. Game Plan

There’s a tendency to accept that extra fees will be spent abroad, particularly when it comes to currency exchange and fees. But what about if you plan ahead? Pack your wallet with money beforehand, choose a credit card company without the additional oversea charges, and root out the international partner your bank is connected to. No more credit cards that charge up to 3% and no more superfluous costs – here’s to more espressos in Milano.

2. Saved By The…

...Share. Car-sharing initiatives via app or online are an economical way to travel from a to b – including to the airport – whilst being environmentally-friendly and convenient. All you need is a (charged) phone, and you’ve got a secure, cheap ride to wherever you need to go. Say goodbye to last-minute overpriced taxi-rides after a long-haul flight, because it's time to travel like a local.

3. Hot Tip: Be In The Know

Tipping culture can be more complex than organising the entire trip itself. There’s a temptation to overcompensate, but do you generously tip for every meal and drink? What about when tipping might be considered a faux pas, as in Japan? Check out the local tipping rates beforehand; whether you ask the hotel receptionist or peruse a local guidebook. Presumably there's nothing better than when etiquette and money-saving are one and the same!

What to pack