5 Of Our Favourite Podcasts For The Road


When music doesn't quite cut it, we rounded up five podcasts to subscribe to before heading up into the sky. Whether it’s a captivating crime series to keep you at the edge of your seat or whether you want to journey through the many languages of the globe without leaving your couch – get travelling with the world at your ears.


To get you wanderlusting

We often overhear conversations on our daily commute, and these can sometimes hold unexpected pearls of wisdom that we wish we could hear more of. That’s where Condé Nast Traveler’s Travelogue comes in. Travelogue is a podcast channel that hosts weekly conversations recounting and discussing travel stories from around the world. Guaranteed travel tips, with the feel of listening to everyday conversations you hear from A to B.

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Ted Radio Hour

Thought-provoking talks

This podcast will add a dose of brain power to your journey. NPR’s Ted Radio Hour is the show to get you thinking more about the world you actually navigate. Previous episodes have included speakers exploring the elements which make beauty, rethinking our approach to medicine and exploring the way in which money might trick, motivate and inspire us. A podcast that’s definitely food for thought.

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Nail-biting thrillers

Settling into a good book is the usual pastime when travelling. Though audiobooks are the next alternative, the power of the written word can often be lost. So what about great stories being recounted straight to your ear that are specifically created to be spoken out loud? What about ones that begin with investigating a murder? Say hello to S-Town: set in Woodstock, Alabama, the show follows in impressive steps from sister show Serial.

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The World in Words

Broaden your global language

Get ready to embark on a global journey through your headphones. The World in Words explores language across wide-ranging topics; whether it’s our treatment of language vs. dialect, the globalisation of English or the way in which Swahili, once a small dialect, has become widely spoken all over the African continent. Cruise through Art, Culture, Media, Education, Lifestyle & Belief via stimulating talks.

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On Being

Stimulating interviews

Hosting a global roster of interviewees, Krista Tippett masters the art of conversation in her podcast series On Being. She engagingly navigates discussions that are relevant, inspiring and universal. Previous interviews have included exploring the meaning of happiness with Tibetan monk Matthieu Ricard, the anatomy of gratitude with Brother David Steindl-Rast and the magic of that can be found every day with author Maira Kalman.

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