The Best Books For Summer 2018

5 thought-evoking summer reads to make these hot days even better

Books and summer just belong together. Whether if you’re enjoying some days off on your own balcony, on the beach or lounging by the pool, reading some lines between dips, naps and ice-cold drinks or becoming so addicted to a story that you completely forget the time – we’ve chosen this year’s best summer reads for you so that you don’t have to spend time searching. Hit the download button in your ebook shop or pay your local bookstore a visit, lay back and get inspired by the following stories. Jump in!

Welcome to Lagos

Chibundu Onuzu

This book is a beautiful tribute to Lagos and a little runaway itself. It tells the story of an army officer, a rebel fighter and a teen-aged girl in the author’s hometown in Nigeria. Feels like diving into Africa’s largest metropolis yourself as soon as you open the book.

Bad Blood

John Carreyrou

In case you like adrenaline-filled thrillers, Bad Blood is the right read for you. Startups are everywhere, but this one is different. The young biotech company Theranos has it all: a talented, charismatic founder and an exciting product – their promising blood testing machine just isn’t working. Through secrets and lies, the company goes from a breathtaking rise to a horrifying catastrophe.

The Milk Lady of Bangalore

Shoba Narayan

The New York Times guarantees this book will get you wanderlusting – so of course we gave it a try. And how right they were! Through various encounters in Bangalore, this book takes you right to India: who wouldn’t want to read about a cow and its owner in an elevator, both on their way to a housewarming party as if it were the most normal thing in the world? Needless to say, this book is quite a fun read.

The Good Son

You-Jeong Jeong

A young man wonders if he has killed his own mother or not. With The Good Son, South Korean author You-Jeong Jeong created a psychological thriller you won’t be able to take your hands off until you have reached the end.

Some Trick

Helen DeWitt

Taking you to dimensions that seem impossible, these 13 short stories can be squeezed perfectly into your beach routine. Helen DeWitt has an incredibly hilarious way of thinking, and diving deeper and deeper into her thoughts, so that every sentence becomes an extreme, which is unpredictable and humorous the entire way through.

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