There's An App For That

The apps to keep you travelling at your best

Apps have streamlined the way we travel: searching flights, restaurants, exhibitions – even hidden beaches – are simply the tap of a finger away. We put together a list of the best tried and tested apps we’ve got our hands on so you can easily find flights, book your home away from home – and the transport to get you there while you’re at it. Scroll down for 15 apps that will make travelling the world less hassle and more fun.

Book flights

Finding the best flight, especially if it’s a last-minute one, can make organising a trip harder than it has to be. That’s where the skyscanner app comes in. It’s an app that independently compares all flights (and prices) to save you all the hassle of looking yourself. You can easily book your trip right in the app, too. And when the flight is in the bag, App in the Air comes into play, allowing you to keep up with real-time updates, such as gate changes or receiving tips specific to your airport and gate – here’s to zero time spent squinting up at a screen to find the right flight terminal. And the best part? The app also works offline, so nothing can go wrong before departure.

The right place to sleep

Airbnb has risen as an impressive alternative to the conventional hotel search. Owners of authentic, tastefully decorated apartments open up their doors and suddenly, you find yourself overlooking the sea from an apartment in Greece as though you’ve been living there for years. Or, if you like the feel of your own place but still want the luxuries of a hotel service, the Oasis app is for you. Oasis is a platform for offering accommodations with an extra touch: the merging of home and hotel. With over 20 destinations to choose from worldwide, you’ve got your fair pick of homes away from home that offer the service of hotels, together with the authenticity and cosiness of a private home.

Speak the same language

If there was ever an app to show how much easier travelling abroad has become it’s Google Translate. No matter where you are in the world, suddenly your surroundings become familiar with the ability to translate any text into your own language. You can even use your camera to translate foreign texts instantly by just hovering your phone over a magazine, sign or even handwritten notes. Individual words can of course also be translated manually, or by simply speaking into the microphone of your phone. If you don't just want to rely on a phone for translation and actually want to try your hand at learning a foreign language, Memrise is a good choice. It’s dubbed one of the best rated apps and it’s also one which you can access offline, too.

Move around

Almost everyone knows about uber: the app that connects you to a driver within minutes, allowing you to track your live journey via the app, and pay by card through it. There’s a reason why it’s so popular and that you can use the app in 500 cities worldwide. And if it’s a special occasion, you can also book a more exclusive car with uberBLACK. If you are however, privy to a commute, Citymapper is the app to navigate the right transport route – whether that be car sharing, cycling, taxis or public transport. Every type of route is compared so that you know which is the fastest. There are even little tips such as which train carriage to sit in so you can get out at the one closest to the station exit. For those who like to take an actual car for a spin, Turo is the AirBnb of car rentals. Simply join a community of more than five million members who offers their private cars for rent and hit the road.

Stay healthy

Wolfram Sun Exposure is the go-to app for every moment you want to step into the sun. The app cleverly takes into account your skin type, location in the world, time and applied sunscreen in order to calculate how long your skin can be exposed to the sun before sunburn happens. And to stay even more on top of your health, prevent the effects of jetlag with the Binaural app. It’s an app that helps you to relax and meditate before bedtime, all to give you better sleep and concentration.

Finances simplified

When money and friendship are combined it can sometimes be tricky territory to navigate. And Splitwise is the app to avoid this hassle. All expenses between friends, colleagues (even family) can be seen, recorded and even the most complex of money webs can be easily settled up and balanced for each respective party. Similarly, with XE Currency you can always have a currency converter with you, whether you’re abroad (it also works offline) and trying to keep track of your finances, or coming back from abroad and needing to settle up with friends.

Discover and plan

When it comes to guidebooks, trying to fish out the authentic from the contrived doesn’t have to be as hard as it seems. Cool Cousin gives recommendations directly from locals and if that wasn’t enough, you can also connect like-minded locals in the city you’re visiting. Tips for places to see go far beyond the typical tourist sights and are as accurate as the surrounding area to your live location, guaranteeing relevant and special experiences. If you’re not only looking for recommendations once at a time, but would like to have a full tour, check out Sidekix popup: yes). This app not only offers worldwide navigation that's especially catered for walking but also tours that include all types attractions, so that you can easily discover the city according to your needs.

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