Redefining Luxury Travel

How to up your luxury travel game

Travel trends tend to come and go but what about the ones that get reinvented over time? We’re specifically talking about the lavish pastimes of luxury travellers – and the exciting new face its recently taken on. Gone are the days of opulence, over-indulgence and excessive comfort: luxury travel is no longer about expensive trips for the privileged few, but rather, travelling with access to more services, being in the know and discovering the newest, most interesting hotspot (be it Wi-Fi or travel destination). Have a read of five of the best ways to up your luxury travel game the next time you might be more set on collecting hotel stars.

Tech for every situation

There’s barely a situation we can think of where you can’t use an app to help you through it: whether you want to make a restaurant reservation, learn an entirely new language, meditate your way through your train ride, hop in a taxi straight from the plane or simply find the best way to move around, there’s an app (our favourites of which, you can read about here) for everything. In the easiest way to diminish language barriers, you can even speak your native language into a translation app and have it speak out the corresponding translation for you. Having tech on-the-go is the ultimate luxury travel excursion nowadays – not to mention, being able to actually use tech, whenever, thanks to being able to charge on-the-go.

Being in the know

Welcome to the ultimate smart travel trick. From the latest techno club in a post-Soviet country that every DJ is journeying to, to discovering the most unique coworking space in the world, knowing specifically where to go next might be the more accessible development for luxury travel, less to do with privilege and what you have, and more to do with what you know.

The smaller the better

Think quality over mass hotel chains. Spa resorts, beach resorts, ski resorts: it’s about minimalism and authenticity rather than overly-furnished and grand accommodation with little to no charm. We like to think the modern version of luxury travel is an emblem of taste, rather than the inflated price – and that means, accommodation that’s small and hits the spot; whether it’s a small boutique hotel tucked away in the heart of cities or small, exclusive hideaways in the middle of the Caribbean.

Embrace the authentic

We’re all ears when it comes to an opulent, breathtaking location, but what about the experience? The tendency to view luxury travel as favouring the grandiose and conspicuous has become largely outdated, when compared to the unique experience and service of dining underwater in the Maldives, or simply an environmentally-conscious beach resort in Portugal. Let the activities serve as the real holiday mementoes to take home with you.

A real bite to eat

As much as your hotel can boast to have an excellent in-house chef sure to impress, venturing outside is the real food trip, right? Whether it’s street food in Morocco, authentic arepas in Venezuela, or that rice paper salad place all the Vietnamese locals are heading to – sampling the local cuisine with curiosity and interest is the true mark of a great tasting experience and that’s what luxury travel is all about: getting stuck into culinary adventure!

To take with you