Horizn Travel Tracks

by DJ Hazy Pockets

The son of a blues musician, Texas-born Joel “Hazy Pockets” grew up around music. He moved from Texas to LA and was a rock ‘n’ roll drummer, a studio owner and a producer, before he came to Berlin and began to take to the clubs. A resident DJ at the likes of Kater Blau, Jackie O and the Garbicz Festival, Hazy Pockets also collaborates with and mentors dancefloor talents from across Europe to organise cultural events, tech conferences and underground parties in Berlin and further afield.

New Berlin

Berlin is a city of reinvention. Its people, its music and its energy makes it a place that remains to be one of the most dynamic and exciting cities in the world. It’s no wonder that its nightlife is second to none, drawing talent from across the globe to hit the stages of its notorious clubs. And Berlin is still in a constant motion of reinventing itself, with established DJs and artists reshaping the city’s scene and sense of being modern. Welcome to the “New Berlin”.

Midas 104 - Wirbelwind
Jan Mir - Annapurna (Rayko Mix)
Nena Halena - La Ku Rubá
Perel - Alles (Dub Version)
Franz Scala - Cielo Alto
Rouge Mécanique - Paradigm
Pardon Moi - Rodeo Star
Beaner - Power Moustache Theme
Carolain Luf - E Time
Sado Opera - You Make Me...Ah!
Sex Kino - Call the Police
Oliver Klostermann - Zenyata
M. Rux & Fog Puma - Surf’s Up Edit
M. Rux & Thomash - Tukuna Hering
The Lips - Trouble in Paradise
Andy Aged - Simple Song