A Romantic Weekend For Two

Sweep them off their feet

Whether you’re in the heady throes of a new relationship, celebrating an anniversary or looking to re-ignite the spark, a spontaneous weekend escape can be the ticket to happily ever after. Sometimes even cupid needs a helping hand, so we’ve rounded up our top tips for how to plan a romantic weekend escape to sweep your partner off their feet, everything from what to do to how to pack.

Establish your tech boundaries

What you leave behind can be as important as what you bring along. A short sabbatical from your phone will make your weekend away all the more romantic. Keep the focus on the two of you, not work emails and Instagram feeds: take a disposable camera and leave your phone in your hotel room, or if you really can’t live without it, swap phones with your partner so you won’t be tempted to check it (and you’ll still have a point of contact for emergencies).

Pack smart

How and what you pack can be the make or break of a trip, particularly if it’s a short weekend away. If you’re sharing a bag with your other half, a handy set of packing cubes will keep you from getting your belongings mixed up (and hiding that surprise gift you were planning to give).

Rather than wasting precious time waiting at baggage claim, travel with carry-on luggage or a backpack so you can start your couples holiday the moment you touch down, and arrange a pickup in advance to skip endless (and unromantic) taxi-rank queues.

Escape the crowds

A romantic weekend away is about spending quality time together, not elbowing your way through a busy crowd. Carving your own path off the beaten track of a city means you avoid the hoards and tourist traps, and gives you space to discover something new, together. If there’s a particular museum or attraction you want to visit but know will be busy, research peak times in advance and it might end up being just the two of you.

Don’t hold back

Rose petals, massage oils, bath bombs, a nice bottle of wine: these touches may feel cheesy, but if there’s ever a time to go overboard, a romantic valentine's weekend break would be it. Scent is especially evocative, so bring a favourite perfume, travel candle or even a portable aroma diffuser. The powerful link between smell and memory will turn the fragrance into a reminder of your time together, keeping the trip alive long after you’ve returned home.

To really sweep them off their feet, surprise your partner by planning a secret couple’s spa treatment or booking a cooking workshop. Perhaps you want to arrange a once-in-a lifetime experience for you to enjoy together. Thrill-seeking partner? Plan a helicopter tour of the city. Cultured cinephile? Try a film screening under the stars. Hotels can often help with these plans too – and have some unique offerings themselves – so get in touch with the concierge after you’ve booked to make sure there is enough time to plan a truly memorable surprise.

What to pack