Horizn Travel Tracks

Twilight Summer in Kyoto

Whether you’re enjoying the twilight under a Kyoto sky or you’re overlooking a Grecian sun-kissed sea, have a listen to the summer tunes that will become your go-to soundtrack all season round. Happy listening!


1 Flowerpowder - Sprizztour
2 Kyrill & Redford - Novia
3 Christopher Hermann - I'm Just a Shadow of Myself (Rapossa Remix)
4 Christos Fourkis - Me and You
5 Fanis Stam - Echoes
6 Dahu - Desolate (Hraach Remix)
7 Fabian Kash - Chrome
8 Ariane Blank - The Sky Of Yokohama
9 Chixunighted - Nonpopular
10 Napkey - Last Thoughts (Karlk Remix)
11 Paji, Juliet Sikora - Dimension
12 Stergios - Hypnotize
13 TB - Hello Moon
14 Clode - Infinite Love
15 Love Over Entropy - Tonii (Dixon Retouch)

What to take on your summer travels

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