What to do when your luggage is lost

Lost luggage? Here’s what to do about it

Frequent traveller? If so, surely the following scenario won’t be news to you. You’re perfectly prepared for your trip, step off the plane at your destination, and arrive at the baggage claim. As the bags start flowing onto the carousel, and one after the other is being picked up by your fellow passengers, a flush of anxiety enters your mind. The number of bags and travellers decreases until, eventually, you’re the last person standing. A holiday sans luggage? Not what you signed up for. Stay calm – don’t give up hope just yet. In fact, the likelihood of the airline actually losing your baggage is tiny, meaning that it is probably just delayed. In anticipation of your reunion – and to minimise stress – let us guide you through the process from reporting lost luggage to its delivery to filing insurance claims.

How to report lost luggage

Getting your luggage back from the airport can be simple – if you know what to do. First things first: Visit the airline's customer service desk to see if your bag has been delayed – after all, it could be on another flight, and the issue could therefore be resolved in no time. Don’t leave the airport without filing a lost baggage form, and double-check all of your personal details, including your phone number, local address, home address, and email address.

Lost luggage delivery

Should you be lucky enough to learn that your luggage was just delayed and not lost, the airline will have to deliver it to you at no cost. They will most likely deliver it to the local address you have provided – to be sure, always double-check in case they opt to send it to your home address. If more than 24 hours have passed since leaving the airport without it, and should you have bought clothes and toiletries, make sure to hand all of your receipts to the airline for compensation.

Lost luggage insurance claim

So if your luggage was actually lost, meaning that yours belongs to the very few cases in which it was not delayed or found, make sure to issue an insurance claim. If you hold a credit card, travel insurance, including compensation for lost luggage, might be covered by your plan. Alternatively, check with your local insurance to see how they can help. Once you file it, ensure to have all the details you need from the airline.

Who is responsible for lost luggage

Has the airline determined that your luggage was definitely lost? If the answer is yes, this means they are responsible for any necessary compensation. If it is not lost, but delayed or damaged, this is their responsibility, too, meaning that they are responsible to deliver it to your travel destination or home address. Read up about all your rights here.

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