Kitesurfing in Sicily

The top Sicily kitesurfing spots

Sicily will always seduce travellers, no matter if you come for its amazing diversity of landscapes, cultural treasures, idyllic bays, or culinary offerings. Besides Sicily’s myriad beaches, from Isola Bella’s pebbled shore to Cava Grande’s ponds and waterfalls, kitesurfing in Sicily may not necessarily belong to a quintessential Sicilian itinerary. It should, though. Famed for its year-round sunshine and warm temperatures, and therefore its lack of seasons as we know them in Northern Europe, Sicily makes for an ultimate destination for kitesurfing.

Lo Stagnone

Step forward, Lo Stagnone. Dubbed as one of the most popular kitesurfing destinations in Europe, and one of its biggest expenses of truly kite-able flat waters, Lo Stagnone is an eight-square-mile lagoon in the north of Sicily. It can’t only be ridden in either of the two northerly and southerly prevailing wind directions, but is also a nature reserve, serving as an ideal habitat of reproduction and refreshment for many animal species.

In fact, in this area, winds blow all year long. Yet the most reliable times to visit are autumn and spring when the wind tends to get stronger. During the lower tides, Lo Stagnone is transformed into a vast meadow, resembling a sports field in the middle of the sea. Sports lovers from all over flock to Sicily to practise kite surfing here, taking advantage of the wind. There are plenty of kite schools available; to connect accommodation and courses, book a stay at Flow Kite School.


Another popular enclave among kite surfers is Pozzallo and its long, sandy beaches. The small town in the south-east corner of Sicily is close to Baroque towns such as Modica and Noto, and therefore also a great destination for your culture fix. Looking for a local school? Check out Pirates Kite Center.


If you’re after more urban vibes, book a stay in Palermo, Sicily’s biggest city, and head to Mondello Beach, which is not only easily accessible from the city but features a long and flat beach that is perfect for catching some waves. Perhaps Palermo’s most glamorous beach, it does get crowded in the summer, but still offers plenty of opportunities for kitesurfers. For a more secluded location, you might want to travel towards the west to Terrasini, where Magaggiari beach is another windsurfer’s paradise.

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