Scuba Diving in Mallorca

Explore the Balearic island's marine life

Secluded bays? Rustic farm stays? Design-driven restaurants? The Balearic island of Mallorca might just have it all. Add its crystal-clear waters and rich underwater life to the mix, and you also have the perfect destination to go scuba diving. Dubbed as one of the best places for diving in the Mediterranean, Mallorca has a plethora of reserves, and therefore rich flora and fauna – in terms of biodiversity, it can easily compete with tropical oceans.

In fact, there are over 80 different dive sites around the Balearic Islands, surrounded by cliffs, caves, and caverns. The rocky shores on Mallorca’s west and north coasts, as well as the long bays in the southeast, are home to a variety of marine life. An entire microcosm is awaiting you: Meet groupers and swarms of gilthead breams searching for food, cuttlefish and eels hiding in small caves, sea anemones scanning their environment with their tentacles, and hard corals clinging to the rocky seabed. In some places, you might see starfish glide over the ocean floor at a snail's pace, while swarms of barracudas swim just below the surface of the water. The best period to visit? Opt for any time between May and October, and you won’t be disappointed.

Our top spots for scuba diving in Mallorca

You can’t miss the Big Cheese, probably the island’s most spectacular diving site featuring several rock formations and located just off the east coast. For snorkelling, the best spot is Maria’s Cave, where you can expect schools of fish of shimmering species. At the beginner level? Then Cala Morlanda and its underwater meadows are for you.

Mallorca’s best diving schools

With the number of diving sites available, you can already guess that there are numerous diving schools on offer, too. To tackle the Big Cheese, opt for Albatross Diving School which is located just outside of the port of Cala Bona and right next to a lagoon perfect for your first diving experiences. Another favourite is Delphinus Diving School which boasts two locations; Sa Coma, with direct beach access in the north of the island, and Peguera, in the south of the island.

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