How To Surf Morocco

The best surf holiday spots making waves

Whilst the glittering beaches of California (particularly LA) might be the tried and tested surfing spots, we’ve got our eye on a new destination: riding the waves in Morocco. We've rounded up five of our best areas to get you channelling your best surf – and with over 300 sunshine days a year, the Moroccan desert, mouth-watering tagine dishes and local bazaars to explore, you’ll be wondering why it’s taken you so long to get your surf up here.

Guaranteed adventure

The Cave / La Grotte (Cap Sim, south Morocco)

The Cave/La Grotte is one of those surfing spots that has the best of both worlds: it’s not as well known, so we’d say it’s one for the locals, but you can also safely call it your own, no matter the weather conditions. It's boasts the strongest waves in the area so you’re guaranteed excitement, even when other spots are closed. But more than that, the journey to The Cave is half the adventure. Best approached with a 4 by 4, you can also stop by Essaouira just 10 miles away or visit the small neighbouring village near the Cap Sim Lighthouse and then simply walk your way to the water.

How to get there:
Follow the Tarmac track from Sidi Kaoki and turn right onto a dirt track, before the path turns left. Asking a few locals along the way is always helpful.

Spot the orcas

Killer Point (Close to Agadir)

As the name might suggest, this spot is notorious for the many killer whales that can often be spotted here. Say hello to ‘Killer Point’, also known as your next go-to spot. The killer whales – who are up to seven metres long – are harmless of course, but more importantly, ‘Killer’ is an apt name for the fast, long waves that can be found here. Come here if you’re more of an advanced surfer as there are a lot of right hand tides and strong waves – ones that might risk you being washed down all along the 600 metres of waves if you’re not too careful.

Getting there:
From Agadir Get the no. 32 bus or a Taxi into Taghazoute

Wave after wave

Pointbreak, La Source

Located close to Taghazout, a former fishing village, and right next to Killers, is Pointbreak or La Source, taking its name from the fresh water springs that can be seen on the shores’ rock formations. Just like The Cave, Pointbreak is dubbed an area known to offer ideal surfing conditions, in all types of seasons – including the winter months. Ride the wave here if you’re looking for left and right waves that break over the sandy reef just below. Definitely one of the top surf spots in Morocco all year round.

Getting there:
Take a stroll from the center of Taghazout, it’s not even 15 minutes on foot.

Surf camps galore

Point d’Immesouane

Guaranteed for the so-called ‘best’ waves, Point d’Immesouane is the little pearl in central Morocco for surfers (of all levels). It’s a relatively undiscovered spot that makes it perfect to surf freely and learn – it’s known for long waves that are ideal for beginner surfers. However what’s so special about Point d’Immesouane is the spectrum of waves on offer. Learn with shorter waves towards the souther bay area or move over towards the western bay area and the more experienced surfer will find shorter but larger waves. And when you’re done getting your surf up, stroll around the Immousane village which offers a lot of shopping facilities, small restaurants and surf shops, including very prestigious surf schools such as Kahina Surf School.

Getting there:
Located exactly between Taghazout and Essaouira.

Surf in the capital


And here comes the final spot we have up our sleeves: Rabat. A location we'd dub as the surf spot for the modern traveller. Make use of the best waves in the north and then hop on to explore Morocco's modern, relaxed capital city centre. And even though this is a popular place to surf, with many small bays around that have good wave potential, there’s likely to be far less foreign surfers along this coast – meaning more time to learn from the locals!

Getting there:
Just drive the coastal road from Rabat south - after just a few minutes you will find many small bays, each of which is worthwhile.