Habitas and Horizn Studios

Welcome to a new era of travel

There are few better places than on a beach in the Caribbean to take in the natural beauty of our planet and be inspired to see every last corner of it. There is no better time than when you’re travelling to open yourself up to new experiences and new connections. It follows, then, that the beachside town of Tulum would be the birthplace of Habitas x Horizn Studios – where the two founders would meet and form a long-lasting friendship; a partnership for a new era of travel.

Based on the shared values of curiosity, creativity and collaboration, Habitas x Horizn Studios seeks to change people’s lives through shared experiences and deeper human connection.


How can we make every journey seamless and enjoyable from the start? How can we turn the hotel experience into one where travellers connect with each other and with themselves? How do we travel in the digital age, how will we travel moving forward, and how do we enable curious minds to make the most of their travels?

We are here to drive things forward, to challenge the status quo and to go further. Without curiosity, there would be no innovation, no progression. Without curiosity, there would be no Horizn Studios or Habitas: curiosity is our fuel – a shared eagerness to discover and create – that keeps our brands looking for ways to change the status quo, break down barriers and expand our horizons.


Feed the soul and expand the mind. Our shared creative mindset and close ties to the creative world have enabled us to make new experiences, innovative products and game-changing services for a global community.

Horizn Studios has always shared a close relationship with the creative community, collaborating with visual and sound artists, with DJs and with disrupters, while at the same time supporting upcoming talents through the Horizn Art Programme.

Across the Atlantic, Habitas homes and clubhouses on both American coasts provide communal spaces for like-minded creatives to meet and share ideas. Habitas serves a platform for musicians and performance artists, with regular concerts, screenings and performances.


A shared idea is the most powerful force known to man. We believe in the power of exchanging ideas and working together to create something greater than the sum of its parts; to come together, work together, create together and share the fruits of our labour.

This is how the Habitas Backpack came to be, from an idea on an Atlantic beach to a finished travel companion for journeys near and far. Enjoy the finest materials and craftsmanship while you set out to discover – or rediscover – the world around you. Take your home with you, wherever in the world you decide to go, with the Habitas Backpack.

What to pack