Our Top 5 Soho House Properties Across the Globe

From New York and Amsterdam to White City and Berlin

Soho House has provided a home-away-from-home for the travelling creative class across the globe. Horizn Studios and Soho House have been closely connected since day one. This month, we celebrated our shared values of community, creativity and collaboration by launching a special-edition luggage set to help get you from House to House with ease.

Though we love each and every one, we’ve rounded up five of our favourite Houses to visit time and time again below.

Soho House Berlin

It goes without saying that Soho House Berlin has always been somewhat of a second home for us. It’s housed in one of the city’s most impressive buildings at the crossroads of the city and mirrors Berlin’s past. It was once a department store before turning into a political hotbed until the fall of the Berlin Wall. After lying vacant for almost a decade, the building was given new life before joining the Soho House portfolio in 2010. Today, it serves as a cornerstone of the burgeoning creative hub of Mitte, where Horizn Studios was founded as well.

Shoreditch House

The second House on our list takes us across the Channel to the creative hotbed that is London Shoreditch. The club, which is right across the street from our London store, seamlessly combines work and play, and is the perfect spot to get your creative juices flowing. Be sure to head up to the rooftop come summertime to fight for a lounger by the pool, where you’ll find us sipping on some ‘Soho Mules’ whilst enjoying the views of the city. It’s easy to imagine that the parties that happen here last the entire weekend.

Soho House Barcelona

We love the creative flair of the Catalonian capital, and this Soho House outpost doesn’t disappoint. Set in a striking 18th-century building overlooking the Port Vell marina, the 57 bedrooms are filled with grace notes that conjure up the locale (the impressive red-brick vaulting across the six floors gives the property a real sense of place) as well of all of the creature comforts that Soho House is known for. Though the Cowshed Spa and rooftop pool area ensure that every whim is catered for, those who are tempted to leave the property can reach La Rambla in just two minutes.

Soho House Mumbai

Soho House Mumbai is the group’s first club in Asia, located right at the high-energy Juhu Beach. Characterised by textured sisal rugs, patterned wallpapers and Indian aesthetics subtly incorporated throughout the House, the ten-storey building offers 38 bedrooms, a large gym, a library and a rooftop pool with views extending across the Arabian Sea. Like its Barcelona counterpart, Soho House Mumbai offers two restaurants on-site for non-members. Since Mumbai is synonymous with Bollywood, expect to run into artists, theatre personalities, photographers, designers and of course actors at the House.

Soho House Istanbul

Istanbul is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing cities in the world, so it comes as little surprise that Soho House chose to open one of its largest properties to date there. For starters, the club is spread across two spectacular buildings known as the Palazzo Corpi, the former residence of a Genoese shipbuilder, before it served as the U.S. consulate general for nearly a century. After extensive renovations, Soho House Istanbul opened in 2015 in the historic Beyoğlu district, with 87 Ottoman-inspired bedrooms, multiple spaces for club members, four restaurants and two hammam rooms. Drawing from the energy of the city, the late-night club draws Istanbul’s creative crowds, who are known to toss back a raki or two whilst dancing until dawn.

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