Endless optimism for 2022

A holiday playlist to lift your spirits

Music lifts us up, builds communities, and inspires dreams. Two years into a global pandemic – the antidote to carefree times spent dancing with friends and strangers – 2022 may be the year to properly reunite on the dance floor. We can’t wait to see what 2022 has in store for it. Until then, tune in for a soulful compilation of electro, jazz, disco, and more, curated by our friend and DJ Hazy Pockets.

The Power of Music

For Joel, the new year will be a year of reinvention. “Agile and proactive artists are ready to come forward with new music, which, inevitably, will feel different,” he tells us from Berlin. “I, personally, hope for very physical, sweaty, and energetic disco basement parties – exactly how I remember them.”

To Joel, nothing is more uplifting than music; it’s an invigorating escape. The pandemic, he thinks, created a greater appreciation for artists and their contributions: “If this consciousness remains and more people participate in their local scenes, there is great optimism and togetherness to be celebrated,” he says.

Joel reminisces about visiting places like Tbilisi, Georgia: the ecstasy of a city or scene when it is undergoing a period of cultural growth. “I was let loose on the streets of Tbilisi with the singular goal of going out, meeting locals, and ultimately weaving their music and art [into our project]. I found some truly friendly, talented youth everywhere; everything felt so genuine.” Travel – fleeting moments on the run, being pushed out of his comfort zone, and engaging in unexpected relationships – had always enriched his life. He welcomes any opportunity to see his international peers: “I am like a sponge: eternally fascinated by the working methods of DJs, musicians, and producers, and the spaces, clubs, galleries, and festivals they build,” he says.

Thank you, Joel, for curating this year’s playlist and fuelling it with your optimism and joy for music. Follow Joel’s journey on Instagram and catch him and his new band Tegel Boys live this year.

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