Tbilisi Calling

By DJ Hazy Pockets

Nestled in the breathtaking Georgian countryside, centuries-old Tbilisi has re-announced itself to the world as a youthful, vibrant city with an underground scene to rival that of Berlin and Detroit. Here, fervent young locals push political discourse through art, nightlife, cuisine and, of course, music. The sounds and moods in this playlist represent 100 percent locally-produced Georgian artists: house-music snap, disco clap and minimal pulse create a sonic palette showcasing Tbilisi talents, asserting their rightful place on the global stage.

BBC News Tbilisi Club Report Clip #1
Promises II - Beridze
From Chicago to Detroit - Objector Trax
To Love You - Rotkraft
Stanley Music - Micro Bax
Roll - To Ka
Upside Down - Stimmhalt
BBC News Tbilisi Club Report Clip #2
Bebe - Artist Unknown
Cosmo - Rati
Red Wine - Rotkraft ft. Saint Kitten (Click Click Remix)
Meis P - Micro Bax
BBC News Tbilisi Club Report Clip #3
Ions - HVL
All Good - Artist Unknown
Shen Anateb - Eka & Vinda Folio
BBC News Tbilisi Club Report Clip #4
My Love is Mambo - Levi Love Disco
Tbiliso - Revaz Laghidze

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