Destination: French Riviera

Finding calm with a trip to the French Riviera

Known to many as a glitzy haven attractive to artists and sun-seekers alike, the French Riviera is home to upscale Paloma Beach and a multitude of luxury hotels. Aside from its glamorous features, the area particularly strikes with its visual qualities, as captured by artist Henri Matisse, who lived in the area for his health from 1917: “When I realised that each morning I would see this light again, I could not believe my luck." This sentiment rings true for every corner of the region, with its wild beauty, luxurious nature, paired with authentic, welcoming people showing few pretensions.

Sharing a personal connection with the French Riviera, photographer Chloé Mignard is a regular to the coastal region—the former home of her late grandmother holds a special place in her heart: “I remember waking up to the clicking sounds of cicadas and the first sunlight, enjoying a hot cup of Lapsang Souchong tea and fresh croissants, and starring at the vineyards and lavender fields around us, before heading to the farmer’s market. I love how authentic and generous people are there, always taking the time to speak with you or stop for a minute and help,” she says. Imbued with a slower-paced lifestyle, to Mignard, the French Riviera is perfect for people to pursue a healthy work-life balance.

What to pack