Travel Tech

Let’s Go. Smarter.

All of our products’ smart features have been expertly developed so you can make the most of your journeys and travel with ease. With our integrated Smart Charger we make sure you’re connected when you need it most.

Charge on the go

Removable battery

For truly powerful trips, our luggage models feature an integrated removable battery – tucked just below the telescopic handle – with enough juice for up to six full charges. If you need to check your bag into the hold, simply pop the battery out with one click and bring it with you on board. Our smart chargers are IATA-compliant and cabin-approved for all airlines, meaning you can stay connected – wherever you’re headed.

Lifetime Warranty
Activate your warranty as soon as you’ve received your suitcase – and your travel companion will be covered for life.
Our sustainable products are made from lightweight, durable, and 100% animal-friendly materials.
Cleared to fly
That’s right, you can bring our smart chargers into any international flight’s cabin.

Stay connected

Sleek Smart Charger

Stay connected wherever you are with our lifesaving Smart Charger. Our sleek power bank is perfectly portable, designed to fit your Horizn bag’s tailor-made pocket and re-energise your phone up to three times on the go.


We’re never satisfied with the status quo and are constantly looking for new meaningful features and services to add to our products to make your travel experience even more effortless from the start.