Smart Luggage Battery

Can my smart charger be taken on flights?

Our powerbanks are permitted on board all airlines according to the general powerbank flight regulations that airlines follow. For safety reasons, lithium batteries such as our Smart Charger are not allowed in the cargo hold, so pop the powerbank out before you check your luggage, and bring it with you into the cabin.
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Why does H7 Smart not have a powerbank?

H7 is designed for extended trips, and our research shows that on these sorts of trips, travellers are most likely to combine their large check-in model with a smart cabin luggage that already has a powerbank. Lithium batteries, such as our Smart Charger, are not allowed in the cargo hold of any aircraft, and feedback from our customers showed demand for a large check-in model without a Powerbank, so we developed the H7.

Smart Chargers are also available for purchase separately on our website.

How do I charge the integrated battery?

The four LED lights indicate your battery's remaining charge; press the round button to show how much charge you have left. When your battery is low, the last LED will blink. To recharge, connect the included cable to the “IN” port, and the other end to a mains power source. The LED lights will blink during charging. When the battery is fully charged, all four lights will shine white.

What do I do if I lose my smart charger?

Replacement smart chargers for your luggage can be ordered here.

Do I need to pre-charge my Smart Charger?

Modern lithium batteries do not need to be pre-charged. For safety reasons, Smart Chargers are shipped with a minimal charge, but you can start using it straight away.
To recharge, pop the Smart Charger out of its housing and connect one end of the included cable to an IN port, and the other end to a mains power source. The LED lights will blink during charging, showing the current charge level. Once the battery is fully charged, all four lights will shine white.

Can I take the battery on flights to China/USA?

Yes. You can take our batteries into the cabin of all flights, including China and the US. In the event that you want to check in your luggage, you can easily pop out your battery and bring it with you into the cabin. Please note, airlines do not allow lithium batteries in the cargo hold.

Why does the micro-USB adapter have two USB ends (model HS5)?

The included cable is a USB/Lightning adapter, designed to support Apple devices. The micro-USB adapter for Android devices – and for recharging the battery – is located underneath the Lightning adapter.

What kind of battery do you use in your smart luggage?

Our integrated and removable battery is a powerful 10,000 mAh lithium battery with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology (HS10 model). A multi-protection system protects your device from overcharging, high temperatures, short circuiting and other abnormal conditions, and A+ Lithium Polymer battery cells improve both the charging and discharging efficiency.

Your Smart Charger includes a built-in charging controller, compatible with most USB-charged devices – including iPad, iPhone, Android smart phones, MP3 / MP4 players and PSP / Switch.

How long does the battery last?

This depends on your device, but for most USB-powered devices, the battery holds at least three full charges.